We take a tailored approach to serve companies of any size - from globally renowned enterprises to regional organizations.

Our mission is to help you recover after severe data breaches and provide practical advice on how best to secure your company for the long run, not with glossy promises but with tangible action plans.

Cloud Native Forensics

cloud forensics

Cloud Forensics And Incident Response

You have detected a breach involving a user, access key, workload, or storage resource within your AWS, Azure, or GCP infrastructure. An immediate response is required to contain and eliminate the threat actor.
  • 30 Minute Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  • Contain and Eradicate Active Threats in Your Cloud Environment
    Expertise To Conduct Comprehensive Investigations Across All Major Cloud Providers
    Instantaneous Deployment And Data Ingestion
    Incorporates interactions between Okta, Azure AD, and Github Cloud with your AWS, Azure, or GCP environment

Response Services


Restoration Response

Bounce back quicker with the right plan for ransomware and breach restoration
  • 30-Min SLA
    Restore Servers
  • Restore Endpoints
    Restore Applications
    Restore Networks
    Data Decryption

Incident Response

Halt cybercriminals, uncover their actions, and safeguard against future intrusions
  • 30-min SLA
  • Isolate Affected Systems
  • Collect Forensic Artifacts
    Determine Root Cause Of Attack
    Eradicate The Threat Actor
    Prevent Reinfection


Bolstering resilience is a crucial step to undertake following any incident
  • Prioritized Resilience Roadmap
  • Active Directory Hardening
  • Privilege Access Management
    Network Segmentation
    Zero Trust Network Access
    Phishing-Resistant MFA

Engagement Services



Get innovative support to fortify your security infrastructure, with solutions tailored to the unique needs of your company. Our virtual Director of Security Architecture can help you map out and implement a protection system that will safeguard every aspect of operations.
  • Bi-Weekly Progress
  • Project Management
    Roadmap Derived from Actual Cyber-Attacks
    Product Vetting And Selection
    Hands-On Professional Services
    24x7 Access to Cyber Expertise


Create a unique offering that is more flexible than our existing plans. For those interested in a more customizable approach.
  • Professional services for: EDR, MDR, MFA, SSO, PAM, ZTNA, Segmentation, CSP, etc.
  • Offensive Security Assessments: Pen testing, Cloud, Breach Attack Simulation, Active Dirctory, SaaS products
    24x7 Access To Expertise
    Hands-On Project Management And Delivery
    Retainer Agreements
    On-Site Support
    And Much More!

"I'm so glad I joined. It was the best decision I've ever made in my entire life. I only regret not signing up sooner."

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"I've learned so much after signing up. It's worth every penny."

Name - Bio

"I'm so glad I joined. It was the best decision I've ever made in my entire life. I only regret not signing up sooner."

Name - Bio

Benefits For Days

Secure Your Company With The Help Of Experts

Our guided approach helps you secure your company using our extensive experience in incident response

Tailored Approach To Cyber

When it comes to cyber security, one size does not fit all. That's why we craft customized strategies for each individual customer - no generic solutions here

Strategy Founded In Framework

We don’t just guess when it comes to your cyber security strategy - using tried and tested power of control frameworks as a secure foundation for success

Technical Training

Gain training for cybersecurity setup, and implementation. Evaluate products thoroughly prior to finalizing a choice

24x7 Access To Expertise

Don’t let hourly fees and temporary engagements hold you back. Get 24x7 access to expertise on your terms

Free Assessments

Enjoys complimentary evaluations to address urgent risks associated with cyber-attacks within your environment


How is Advisory service different from a vCISO?

ModePUSH combines the best aspects of vCISO, cyberlearning management, technical hands-on deployment, and a security architect. Our focus is not only on telling you “what to do” but to assist in the technical outcomes of your decisions. Don’t just buy products to meet check marks.

What do you do exactly in a breach?

During a data breach, our team adheres to a set SLA response time and deploys our toolkit based on whether we provide restoration, forensics, or both. If restoration is needed, we check for available backups to restore services. However, often backups may be unavailable or encrypted. In such instances, we prioritize restoring vital services within your environment, such as Active Directory, VM Hypervisors, and DNS, before methodically bringing all other systems back online. A specific restoration methodology is used and prioritized.

For forensic efforts, we deploy an EDR that we actively monitor to prevent further spread and contain the attacker. In parallel, we gather artifacts to identify the attacker's origin, root cause of the breach and identify stolen materials such as PII, trade secrets, and intellectual property.

I already have a CISO, can you work alongside them?

Yes! In those cases, we are the Yin to the CISO's Yang. We focus on technical guidance and outcomes for the CISO's planning.

What are your areas of technical expertise?

Digital Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR), Breach Recovery, Product evaluation, endpoint detection & response, managed detection and response, large-scale network micro-segmentation, Identity access management, single sign-on, threat hunting, cloud security, active directory security, governance risk management and compliance, breach attack simulation, privilege access management, and much more.

Missing Something?

Our knowledge extends beyond what's listed here. Don't hesitate to reach out and connect with us; we may be able to offer the service you need, or point you in the right direction to someone who can!

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